Welcome to Chris Osborne Art

Individually, each painting is a narrative. Together, Chris Osborne’s paintings inspire a unique genre of automotive art.

Using paint and brushes as her tools, Chris Osborne is a visual storyteller. Her unique style of portraiture depicts the bond between luminary and automobile. Within each painting Chris lovingly applies the smallest of details to her canvas, imagining the classic relationship between personality and auto that has inspired our culture for more than a century.

I have a passion for the romanticism of the automobile. My art features personalities with the cars they owned, drove, were filmed with, or wrote about in prose or song. By staging figurative models and actual cars, each painting is developed from a design unique to my own vision, and enriched by exhaustive research and biographical study. My paintings have received national awards and are exhibited at high-end collector car events across the country, along with art and music festivals. I enjoy an international fan and client base that has grown out of magazine articles published throughout the USA, the UK and Europe. Each painting, whether it be a commission or something sprung from my imagination, is a story from beginning to end; I am the happiest when putting that story to canvas!

– Chris Osborne

Viewing the Online Gallery The online gallery is divided into five separate galleries – Music, Film, Motorology, Commissions, Pet Portraiture. Click on a gallery name to access the page filled with thumbnail images of all the paintings within that gallery. On a desktop computer, just click on an individual image to see a larger view and information about the painting. From there you can click next or previous to view all the paintings within that gallery. If you are using a phone or tablet you can easily scroll down through the paintings.

Featured painting: Janis Joplin with her 1956 Porsche 356 | Acrylic on Canvas 36” x 44”